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28-35 Seater Coach Hire

Sutton – 28 -35seater seater coach  

Our Sutton minibus hire is a premier provider of transportation services in London. We offer reliable 28 seater coaches for any trip you want to make. Whether you are planning to attend a business conference or have need for a large 35 seater coach to take family members to a wedding we can assist. 
Holidays in Sutton  

Our minibus hire in Sutton will provide your party with licensed chauffeurs for any holiday in the city. There are a number of interesting things to do here which will make your holiday special. Consider taking a break at the Bannatyne Spa. This offers spa days and you may even book a special day for someone’s birthday. They sometimes offer discounts for special occasions.  
Push your body and gain new strength as you enjoy rock climbing at Craggy Island. This indoor venue makes it easy for beginners and experts to have a great day of fun whether they are climbing 2 or 20 feet off the ground. You will be supported by motivated staff who are there to ensure your safety and their facilities are top notch. 
Our 28-35 seater coach can take you to restaurants in Sutton which serve Thai, British and Turkish cuisine. Celebrate a birthday with members of your family or have a quiet dinner with friends before you start a new adventure overseas. We recommend these restaurants: 
Number One Thai Restaurant 
The Clink Restaurant 
The Grumpy Mole  
Village Charcoal Grill 
Regional Thai Taste 
All Bar One Restaurant 
TAS Turkish Restuarant 
The Sutton Armillary is an interesting piece of art, which is currently located outside of Waterstones Bookshop in the town. It is also known as the Millenium Dial Armillary. It is one of several pieces of public artwork which can be found in Sutton. Take a mini art tour of the town and learn more about each of these pieces of art and the artists who lent their talents to the work. On your tour of the city, you may want to look out for these: 
The Sutton Heritage Mosaic 
The Messenger Statue 
The Sutton Twin Towns Mural 
Transpose 2002 
Erykah Badu 
The Millenium Dial Armillary is a working timepiece and actually tells time. It also serves as a way of commemorating significant events in time. It marks the distance from its location to other important points in the town. Let us take you to this and other landmarks. Book our 28-35 seater coach today.